February 2013

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One day a woman call me for an appointment about her home in Mercer Island. She was vague about her circumstances but did mention wanting to know the value of her home so I met her at Starbucks to see what was up. She proceeded to unpack her laptop and pull up her home address on Zillow, asking me to show her how to do a value analysis. Let me explain Zillow.

Zillow is a neat and tidy program for pulling stats having nothing to do with what only human beings can perceive. Does Zillow know you have a pool in the back yard or that your garage has been turned into a media room? Nope. That you put in heated flooring in the master bath with a jacuzzi tub? Could it know that your lot has been re-zoned commercial so you can sell that property for much more

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I'm fowarding this one not just for information but some are purely entertaining. And my buyer's typical complaint? See # 8.
REALTOR® Magazine received more than 50 responses from buyer agents who revealed their pet peeves when touring homes with clients—offenses that, they say, have buyers racing for the door.

Here are the 10 most common responses from buyer’s agents when asked about the worst mistakes they see when presenting for-sale homes to clients:

1. Leftover home owners
By far, one of the top offenses cited by buyer’s agents was home owners still lingering around when agents arrived with clients to preview the home. Awkward encounters ranged from buyers finding sellers taking a shower, asleep in the bed, to even the “stalker sellers” who liked to

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