June 2013

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Reviewing some of these handy articles below is very important for anyone looking for relief in mortgage modification or avoiding foreclosure. Facing such circumstances is extremely stressful for most people and knowing who to trust is key. What stood out the most to me in reading these articles was this key element: OVER PROMISING.

I have worked on dozens of short sales and in these situations we deal with the seller's lender through a negotiator who has worked on hundreds of such files. The goal we have is not mortgage modification at this point but to sell; however, our negotiator is directly dealing with the lender about the mortgage. Let me tell you, there is no extremely simple guarantee that the lender will make things smooth. Although in the

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Don't be too alarmed if you make an offer on a house as if you just walked down the aisle to be married to a complete stranger who was very cute from afar but now you're not so sure. Inexperienced buyers have a quiet, or sometimes squealing, panic that sets in because their equally inexperienced Broker did not explain something very important: most often, if your Broker did their job, this stage is much more like a proposal until many more things are agreed upon. Think of it as gateways to owning that home. This offer and acceptance should only be the first.

Contingencies are other gates ahead of you...i.e. the sale is contingent upon x, y, and z happening within a certain amount of days, etc. The first one you should rarely skip is the inspection

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Having owned six homes of my own at this point in my life, I have also been in a renter's shoes myself as well as been the landlord. There is nothing more stressful for a renter than a landlord who does not take them seriously when they raise a concern; most importantly, when it comes to issues related to safety - including health safety.

I found this following guide very informative when I had a landlord who downplayed my concerns about water leaks in my bedroom window and the related mold. My video recording, record keeping and notices to a senior manager were effective in producing speedy results. Thankfully there was a management company who oversaw the not-so-handy on site manager who had blown me off for a month and whose idea of checking for a

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