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We love our community and we love staying connected with our community! One of the ways we do this is through connecting with local businesses twitter. One rainy day we connected with @SeaEspressoCart and wandered into their cozy coffee shop located in Wallingford, welcomed with a warm smile from the owner, Patty Shanks.

Patty is a lover of delicious flavors. After savoring their shortbread cookies and sipping on The Caramel Swirl, we can testify to the fact Seattle Espresso is the outcome of her exquisite taste! Elizabeth was lucky enough to get an interview with Patty.

Photo Mar 28, 1 57 59 PM.jpg

Elizabeth Filion: How did Seattle Espresso get started?
Patty Shanks: Twenty-five years ago I created a full service catering company called Seattle Catering. One of the services I

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From his bedroom window at the house on the corner of 38th and Bagley in Wallingford, my Dad watched the I-5 bridge being built and in awe, decided then and there he wanted to become an engineer. He would not be the first Norwegian attending UW in 1959 for this degree, no doubt, but I would like to think that he, along with a passel of Henriksens in his family living in Wallingford and Ballard, did leave me some type of legacy to continue besides the drinking of coffee and making of lefse. At 97 years old, Grandma Lillian was asking me for coffee on her deathbed so I gave it to her through a straw. She was one of the most strong minded people I have ever known and never wavered from what she set out to do. She was a good match for my Grandpa and his

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Wallingford homes are quite charming! Dominated by many beautiful craftsman style homes built during the first three decades of the 20th century, this is one of the most coveted neighborhoods. This densely urban neighborhood specializes in bungalows, some tudors, and ramblers as well as some amazing contemporary designs.


Condos have seen a boom over the past 10 years or so making Wallingford more affordable for first time buyers. There are also a few townhome developments along the main hub on 45th Street, with the majority closer to Aurora Avenue on the west edge of the neighborhood.

Who are your typical Wallingford neighbors?

  • Primarily young educated professionals
  • 17% of residents walk to work, 34% of residents bus to work
  • Live in
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It’s Friday! Pull out your umbrella and enjoy all Wallingford has to offer this weekend. As mentioned in our last blog post, Wallingford is one of the most walkable communities in Seattle.

Visit Wallingford has published a great walking tour that can be completed in about an hour. It features parks, historic buildings, retail shops, and a number of tasty restaurants.

  1. The Good Shepherd Center
Wallingford’s community center is filled with historical photos.Did you know the building used to be a home for wayward girls? Feel free to go on in!

(4649 Sunnyside Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103)

  1. Meridian Playground

Take in the wonderful scent of the historical gardens of the Good Shepherd Center while your kids run around the playground.…
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By 1920, Wallingford was known as one of the more popular and fastest-growing spots in Seattle. Today it is still known for its thriving commercial and residential neighborhood. Extending along N 45th Street, locally owned boutiques, restaurants, and bars are bustling within this walkable neighborhood.

Wallingford, in fact, is one of the most walkable neighborhoods in Seattle. (Read more about the walk scores here). With a walk score of 82, most errands can be accomplished on foot.

Wallingford’s fascinating history is still visible with landmarks like:

  • The Guild 45th movie theatre
  • The Wallingford Center (the former Interlake Elementary School, now turned into shops)
  • Gasworks Park
  • The first Dick’s Drive-In (founded in 1954)
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Peter and I filled our home-loving senses with pictures from a sprawling property we'll be listing soon and stirred over decadent features to showcase in print... "Luxurious master bedroom with en-suite bath, French doors, and mountain views from your own private deck..." It was like test driving a new Beamer with fresh smelling leather interior, pretending it was ours.

Then on occasion I remember as he and I talk. His bright eyes and smile, still so boyish as a 45 year old, take me far away...knowing where he came from in contrast.

Imagine a port city in a third world Asian country where the alleys are narrow and markets are packed with people who don't mind taking an afternoon nap on the sidewalk. Three generations of family sleep in one room,

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Wallingford, Seattle's north end community that borders Lake Union, is a thriving commercial and residential neighborhood known for its shops and restaurants, Guild 45th Theater, and Gas Works Park… plus it’s where we our office is located!

We love our community. We also love learning and sharing that knowledge. We’ve put together a timeline of Wallingford’s history. Enjoy!


For more information about Wallingford or current property listings in Wallingford, click here.

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