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If there is one thing Wallingford does not lack, its delicious restaurants owned by locals. One of my favorite little gems is Than Brothers Pho, located on 45th St, near Sunnyside. It’s actually located directly under our real estate office!

Than Brothers Restaurants started in 1996 on Aurora Avenue in North Seattle. They’ve grown to have 14 different locations! As a family business, they pride themselves in “mom’s secret recipe” that makes up the delicious Pho and Cream Puffs.

Their service is excellent. You can count on getting your food very quickly and at a decent price. You get one free cream puff, which is always a plus!  If you're thinking about visiting Pho, they are open from 11:00 am - 9:00 pm


Enjoying Tai Chin with eye-round

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Parks in parking spaces? That’s right. Last year the Seattle Public Space Management Program launched it’s new pilot program, called “Parklets.” They turn on-street parking spots into public spaces aimed at activating streets, creating more vibrant neighborhoods, and supporting economic vitality.

The idea launched in San Francisco and inspired last years Seattle Parklet outside Montana Bar in Capitol Hill.

This year 10 new parklets will be added in the Seattle area, from the one going in front of Tin Umbrella Coffee Roasters in Hillman City to the one that'll go outside Molly Moon's Homemade Ice Cream in Wallingford. What a great way to further build our communities and make our city a little greener! 

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We’re really excited to announce that we’re starting Free Virtual Consultations!

We realize that getting your home ready to sell can be a complicated and sometimes costly process if not done correctly. In order to get the most money out of your home, you’re probably going to have to make a few updates. But at what point do your updates leave you at a financial loss?

How can you get the the most money out of your home, without spending a fortune on updates?

Rachel Badgett, cofounder and managing broker of Urban Properties, has eight years of experience helping homeowners prepare to sell their homes at top dollar, with minimal update costs. Updates can be as simple as moving furniture and purchasing a table runner or bouquet of flowers to

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[To begin with Part I, go to: Imagine a Port City in a Third World Asian Country]

The skinny little ten year old boy, who would soon find out his new name, thought he’d just entered another hotel on his journey far from home in 1979 after coming from Korea to an 1800 square foot rambler on A Street in Spokane owned by the Badgetts.  Somehow, without a translator, he and his twelve year old sister figured out this was their new home and their new parents figured out how to feed these new additions to the family.  Number seven and eight, to be exact. The three oldest kids were out of the house by that time but two others, aged six and eight, were there to greet them. The eight year old was mad they got a bunch of presents and she didn’t.  

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