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Lovestruck would be homebuyers moon over a cute home they've found on the internet and ask to go see it. They stand in the living room dreaming of where the Christmas tree will go, debating if the couch will fit, and watching neighbors come and go to see who is living in the neighborhood. They are so thrilled at the prospect. Then, it's as if I've asked them to visit the dentist: "Have you spoken with local mortgage broker or lender about what you can afford?" The smile vanishes and all of a sudden their schedule gets very packed. And I understand why. Visiting the lender IS like going to the dentist. Your financial examination to see if you qualify can be tedious and sometimes even a bit painful - especially if you hate locating tax

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Thank you to David Haley of Mortgage Today for providing this excellent article. As local Real Estate Professionals know, an increase in building in our community is such a great sign that our local economy is growing stronger! Read below for some great facts...

Home Building Expected to Rise in 2015


With 2015 well underway, the National Association of Home Builders is looking forward at the coming year. Strong employment, low interest rates, and the greater availability of mortgage loans are making for a very good outlook for the real estate world, as pent-up demand continues to be released across the country.

Though the Millennial generation continues to be hampered by poor wage growth and crippling student

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Dearest Homebuyer,   Do you want to make an offer on a home only to have your financing fail and by no fault but your own? Let me put it more plainly: you have given your landlord notice, you are moving in two weeks, and because of one wrong mistake, you can no longer buy the home you were moving to. You just wasted $450 on an inspection, $500 on a loan appraisal, and the seller may even try to retain your thousands of dollars in earnest money. If you want to avoid this situation, please read the following article by a local and knowlegeable Mortgage Broker who will save you much heartache if you take his advice! I renamed his article in my blog title to emphasize the seriousness of the damage a potential buyer can do to themselves while trying to…
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As Real Estate Professionals, we do a lot of running around showing homes but unfortunately, we also can get flabby while sitting in front of our computers tracking the many clients files and various contacts we have. Thankfully smart phones keep us less tied down but here we've found a great place to get our blood really moving and without the strain of aerobic exercise. They've seem to come up with a freebie or two, including great walk-in discounts for students, to keep us more motivated! Welcome to a highly Google-rated hot yoga studio in the University District, Bikram Yoga.

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