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There are many options for individuals in the world of lending, but a VA loan is loan makes home ownership very possible for those who have served or currently still serve in our nation’s military.  

Some BIG advantages of VA loans:

-Possibility to qualify for a home purchase for little to no money down
-The VA funding fee for the loan can be financed in to the loan amount
-Interest rate can be negotiated
-No mortgage insurance required

To obtain a VA loan you’ll want to contact a VA Guaranteed lender such as a bank, mortgage lender, or savings & loan company. The Veterans Administration does not approve VA loans directly, the loan has to be approved through a traditional lender that is guaranteed to handle VA loans.

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Attend this pet and family friendly festival later this month. Wondering what makes this event geared towards Frogs and Dogs? Dogs makes sense, Washingtonians love their canines, but why frogs? The event is being hosted by Rogue Ales and Spirits at Issaquah Brewhouse, whose logo just so happens to have a big frog on it…

Also, Rogue more often than not keeps a “frog” related beer on tap at this popular Issaquah restaurant. Some examples of those fun “froggy” ales include White Frog Ale, Ménage a Frog, and Sour Frog. How clever.

It looks like it should be fun filled day complete with a dog parade, a leapfrog competition, dog washes, and dog agility and obstacle competition.

The event will occur on August 15th from 11am to 7pm, with proceeds

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Third Place Commons is a great organization that hosts many great community geared events each month at Lake Forest Park Town Centre. Besides hosting the Lake Forest Park Farmer’s Market each Sunday; the spectrum of events includes musical performances, game nights, t’ai chi classes, wellness workshops, and much more.

Looking for a fun activity to fill up an afternoon with the kids? Stop by Third Place Commons at the Lake Forest Park Town Centre.

Free on a Sunday? Check out the Lake Forest Park Farmer’s Market. Hosted every Sunday between Mother’s Day and October 18th from 10 a.m. till 3 p.m. Featuring a fresh market with locally grown food, flowers, plants, and even a crafts market during the summer; you’ll surely find something you’ll love. 

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In real estate the term “curb appeal” is often used to describe how nice a home looks from the street. Try a few of these tips to make your home stand out to anyone.

  • Keep your driveway in good condition, free of clutter, moss, and consider fixing cracks
  • Hanging baskets of flowers are a low maintenance way to keep fresh flowers in bloom near your front door
  • A well-lit walkway is a great safety feature and makes your front door inviting for guests
  • Revitalize your landscaping by trimming off dead leaves and branches on bushes and trees
  • A fresh coat of paint does a lot for the appearance of your home, if not needed, a new color on the door or trim creates interest
  • Keep your lawn looking thick and green by fertilizing during the
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We're still laughing and talking about this team outing - the brain child of our agent Charles Harvey, one of the most playful ones in our bunch. Most of us at Urban Properties hadn’t heard of it before. With some clients, significant others, and friends, we took to the basket ball type court in our bumper cars and with our whiffle ball scoops.

Our teams dipped, weaved, maneuvered tight corners, and scored a good amount of points during the 15 minute games- everyone had a blast! This was a great team building activity that didn’t require any previous skill to play. We’d definitely recommend checking out WhirlyBall Seattle that is just located off of Highway 99 in Lynnwood. It definitely is fun for “all ages 8 to 80”! 

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