August 2015

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Did you know that the community we know as Lynnwood was formed as Alderwood Manor in 1919? There are some other surprising landmarks located in Lynnwood that are worth checking out.

Keeler’s Corner is listed on the National Register of Historical places. It’s been used as a gas station and grocery store in the past, and serves as a popular landmark for travelers on Highway 99.

Take a trip to Heritage Park on 19921 Poplar Way in Lynnwood to learn about the transportation, agricultural, and social heritage of this peaceful community. Some historic structures have undergone renovations and have been repurposed as community resource facilities. 

Some other features of Heritage Park include the Genealogy Research library, interpretive exhibits,

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With the fast pace schedule of everyday life, it's easy to lose touch with the people living right next to us. As the popularity of social media increases, some communities are utilizing this new tool to stay connected, informed, and safe.

There are many advantages of connecting with your neighbors over social media. Some neighborhoods will set up a private Facebook group to create their own local classifieds sections for products and services, finding a neighbor to check on their pets, or even take note of suspicious activity- a modern day "neighborhood watch" in a sense. There are many possibilities within this idea, "borrowing a cup of sugar" has grown to something more.

Read more in this article here to find great ideas about bringing your

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My client whose home recently sold sent this poem to me.

Sharing with his permission:

A House and a Home

Isn’t it odd?
The strangest things can bring a memory
Feelings come from nowhere
Triggered by the simplest of events

We sold our house today
The home we shared for so many years
I thought I was only excited
Suddenly, from “nowhere”
A wall of sadness fell on top of me

So many images came rushing in
Pets in the back yard and summer parties
The koi pond we built, and years later filled in
We made that house our home
And filled it with our lives

We have a chance to do it again
This new house will become a home soon
It takes time to fill a house with laughter
It takes time to fill each room with love
We have the laughter
And we certainly have the love

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