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How efficient are your heating and cooling systems are in your current home? The energy source for a home is also a big factor when you buy a home.

Considering a heating upgrade? Contact us for a free guide about "Heating Choices for Home Upgrades" as well as sources for free home inspections for efficiency.

Does your home feel drafty at times? There are many small things in a home that may contribute to this. Some of these items include improperly sealed windows or insulation that is not attached on all sides. Getting a free home inspection for efficiency will help you identify these small upgrades that can increase the overall comfort of your home.

When you plan your next remodel or heating upgrade, there are several high performance

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With all of it's hills and waterways, Seattle as a city has always had to be pretty creative with their transportation system. Here are some pictures of how Seattlelites used to get around town, and their more recent counterparts. 



While the Seattle Monorail hasn't changed a whole lot over the years, the view from the ride has changed quite a bit.


Did you know that the Washington State Ferry system is the largest in the country, and the fourth largest ferry system in the world? We love our water travel.


Electric overhead lines are still used a lot for the Seattle Metro routes in the city, less exhaust fumes are created between our buildings.




It's clear that transportation in Seattle

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My husband Peter Badgett and I took a leap between two career worlds 13 years ago and have not looked back since. We found the two collided wonderfully and it’s thanks to Neil Tibbott. Running a very successful family-owned business now, we look back and chuckle. When Neil met us, we lived in the apartment that is now the office of North Sound Church on Fourth and Bell Street in the Edmonds "Bowl"....

Follow the story in the Edmonds Beacon

Neil Tibbott - 2015 Candidate for Edmonds City Council

Peter & Rachel Badgett - Owners of Urban Properties 

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Who recalls what the waterfront looked like before “The Great Wheel” went in? Does anyone have memories of watching the demolition of the Kingdome live on TV? Or even further back, who was around when the Space Needle was constructed?

Seattle’s skyline truly tells a great story of a city ever changing and growing for the better. As big companies move in to the area they bring a need for space with them. New buildings are going up all over in the city and the surrounding neighborhoods. It’s a strong sign of growth and opportunity.

A friend shared this with me. It’s a photo of the Seattle city skyline as the Columbia Tower was being built from the ground up. Standing 76 stories tall, it’s the tallest building in Seattle, and the second tallest

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Visit this awesome family friendly gastropub in Lynnwood for the next Seahawks kickoff! The food is phenomenal, they keep great beers on tap, and they are playing every game, every Sunday, on their many TVs throughout the restaurant.

Check out their website HERE

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