December 2015

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No matter which season we are in, there are several things you can do to prepare your home for a smooth sale when the time is right. Even if you don't have plans to sell in the future, maintaining these items protects the value of your home in the long run! 

Fall – As the days are getting shorter look for small projects to make your home more functional. Examples are: replacing worn out hardware on doors, refinishing floors, and changing the filter on the furnace for efficiency.

Winter – Cold days mean staying indoors more. Take the time to repaint rooms, update moldings, consider shopping holiday sales to update worn out appliances.

Spring – Take advantage of the rain to check to see that the gutters are functioning correctly, the roof doesn’t

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"Residents of Rain City will take the city's famously prodigious rainfall in exchange for their high average median income, beautiful water-bound locale, and standout clean air," says the rankings in Businessweek, making Seattle #2 in best places to live.

Seattle or the 'Emerald City' of lush evergreen forests, is known for many things around the world. The most known include: coffee, rain, Sleepless in Seattle, the Space Needle, moutains and nature, big businesses, and Mt. Rainer. However, being the #2 best city, we know there is much more to living here then good coffee.

Where we rank in other categories:

#1 out of 60 Best Cities for a Healthy Retirement
#4 out of 50 Healthiest Cities
#6 out of 50 Cities on the edge of Greatness
#6 out…
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Peter and I are honored to receive the Five Star Real Estate Agent Award for the second time. Thank you to our clients who nominated us!!     What is the Five Star Real Estate Agent Award? Conducted annually in each market, this award process looks at objective criteria from consumers to identify real estate agents that provide quality services to clients in five areas.   How did we receive this award? Some our most recent clients were asked to evaluate us based upon ten criteria using client satisfaction methodology. It’s a great honor to receive this award because less than 4% of Real Estate Brokers receive this award.   Needless to say, we have our amazing clients to thank for this prestigious recognition and we look…
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