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Did you know you could be on camera when you are touring homes? Some sellers may have hidden cameras to feel more secure about their possessions in the home since many strangers will be going through it. However, some might have them to know what people are honestly saying about their home or who might be the potential new owners. These conversations could include valuable information agents can use in negotiations- like how much a buyer would pay for the home.

Fred Cate, an Indiana University law professor, says "The cameras are most likely legal, although the laws can vary by state. And when you're in somebody else's house with a real estate agent, it's harder to argue you really have an expectation of privacy." 

Regardless of the reason why

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Imagine going to a movie that just the hit theaters: you sit down in a comfy leather chair, food and drinks are brought to you on request and for a $6 entry? Yep, it's real! Tuesday night at Regal Cinebarre Mountlake 8, in Mountlake Terrace, is one of our favorite hang outs! Get there early to chill at the bar, shoot some pool, or just chat in their lounge sofas before heading off to your theater where you get dinner and a movie! Who doesn't need a weekday break like that?

Located just off I-5, take exit 177 for WA-104 W towards Edmonds, keep left for 244th ST SW, and it's on your left!

P.S. You must be 21+ to enter.

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Look into this time capsule of what newly built homes looked like over 65 years ago! As I drive through neighborhoods I always wonder what it would have looked like when it was first built. It's fun to think back at the very first owners of the home and how exciting it was to pick out the yellow laminate flooring and dark brown finishes. These pictures are from the model homes in Mountlake Terrace around the 1950's! These homes are most likely still standing but look much different now in 2016! Do you recognize these homes?


Thinking of moving to Mountlake Terrace? Find all the newest listings HERE!

Picture Source: MLT Facebook

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What was once a beautiful golf course alongside Lake Ballinger is now a nature sanctuary! Acres of land next to a small lake, the space will stay undeveloped because of the sensitive environment and eco-system inside it. There are three entrances to the preserved habitat: near the boat launch, east of the clubhouse, and along the park's western boundary. It is dog friendly but must be on a leash and trash cans are provided to help keep the park clean!

It is one of my favorite places to walk. Mother Nature has taken the golf course back and transformed it into beautiful fields of grass, wetlands for birds and truly a peaceful place in the middle of the city. On the park side you will find picnic tables, boat launch (non-gas powered), fishing dock,

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Looking for some easy cash this spring?! Beyond selling your junk on Craiglist and Ebay don't forget consignment shops, garage sales, flea markets and more! Here are some great ideas of what to sell and where to sell it! 

Fashion Cash: Take your gently worn clothes to fashion consignment stores! It might not make much money, but more than sitting in your closet unworn again! Best place to sell: Buffalo Exchange in Seattle.

Electronic Revolution: E-readers, hand held games, phones, tablets? The longer you wait the more outdated the device becomes. Trade in or sell unused electronics! Old smart phones are still worth over $200 dollars! Best place to sell: Ebay and We Buy It Seattle.

Old Treasures: Family heirlooms that have been passed around

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Check out this hilarious Ellen clip! Just a few examples of what your house should NOT look like when it goes on the market!


Source: Youtube/Ellen

When it comes to listing YOUR home, make sure you have an expert on your side! 

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According to the Seattle Times business reporter...

Seattle home prices have hit a record and are now rising faster than any major city outside the Pacific Northwest, according to the latest S&P/Case-Shiller data.

Compared with a year ago, Seattle area single-family home values in March were up 10.8 percent, behind only Portland, where prices have shot up 12.3 percent in the last year, according to the Case-Shiller index released Tuesday. The Seattle growth rate was more than double the national average of 5.2 percent.

The question is, will this market last? Can sellers count on being able to sell as easily as they can now when next year rolls around? How do we know we've hit the peak? 

Some factors to consider are this but no one has a

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