July 2016

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Fortunately for us, we are amongst some of the best school districts in the state and it’s no mystery that great schools and education start with great teachers. Check out this LINK to see where your district falls in the rankings.


It’s no myth that the ranking of a school district can be a ‘make or break’ for many current homebuyers with young children. Often times the desired school district is part of the buyer’s criteria for a home. What does this mean for homeowners?

Whether you have young children or not, having a home located within a top school district can cause an increase and promote stability in your home's market value. As young families flock to your neighborhood for the schools they may be shopping for, they may be willing to pay

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Buyers in this market need to have a Buyer's Broker who knows how to work with a Listing Broker who has multiple offers. Here are some key items that might surprise you:

1.) How did your Broker treat the seller and their Listing Broker? I've won in a multiple offer situation merely by connecting well and making a clean and tidy offer.

2.) Did your Broker call the Listing Broker before making an offer to make sure they understand each detail of the seller's goals and what they accept as reasonable terms?

3.) Did your Broker suggest you do a pre-inspection on the home so you can waive the inspection contingency with your offer?

4.) Did your Broker talk in detail with your Mortgage Lender to understand your financial strength and receive your

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