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Columbia City is the place to hear the best live music in the city. For five nights from June through October between 4pm to 9pm on the second Sunday of the month, BeatWalk places an extraordinarily talented and diverse range of musicians in our neighborhood businesses, from the book store to the fitness center, the salon to the deli. All sorts of music from all around the world spills into the streets, creating a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

Beatwalk is funded solely through sponsorships and donations.Click HERE to read more. 

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Seattleites love getting out on the water and we found another fun way for you to get out there! Mirage Eclipse by Hobie is the world’s first leg-powered stand up board. Check out the full promo HERE or visit Hobie Cats Northwest in Seattle.

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Home staging has become a big deal in the real estate industry and sellers can spend thousands of dollars having their home staged but does it need to break the bank? Without creating the hilarious "budget" scene in the picture below,  there are some ways to save money when you need staging at your home! 

Buyers are easily distracted and typically don’t have enough imagination to see their way past your belongings. We help them get excited about the possibilities - excited buyer make offers!  Statistics show that stages homes bring more offers quickly and at higher prices. 

Staging is not decorating. It is arranging items already inside and outside your home to show off each area for maximum exposure. We sell

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Named after Christopher Columbus, this neighborhood has aspired to be great. With its community pride and historic buildings, Columbia City has kept its personality even with a rising popularity.

From the Andrew Carnegie-funded Columbia City branch of the Seattle Public Library to the Rainier Community Center - the second-largest community center in the state - and the gorgeous flowers from the farmer's market, some great cheese and lots of neighbors, this is what makes Columbia City so special. Check out MORE on this historic landmark district in Seattle. 

Check out MORE on this historic landmark district in Seattle. 


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Heartfel restoration of our inner city Seattle community park - beautiful acreage coming to life!

Hundreds of volunteers have worked for years to clear invasive ivy and blackberry remove garbage, and build a trail system in the 10-acre Cheasty Greenspace at Mountain View, located just south of Alaskan Way and west of Rainier Ave S. in Seattle’s Rainier Valley. Next up is the 33-acre section of the park, where a planned complete restoration will bring hiking and mountain bike trails. Source: CHEASTY GREENSPACE

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Bread, cakes, and pastries oh my! What a great find off the main drag in Columbia City. The aroma of freshly baked breads will arrest your senses and the greatest gesture of hospitality will keep you coming back for more. From croissants to whiskey coffee cake, this fine bakery makes them all and does its work superbly. Check them out on your next visit to Columbia City. COLUMBIA CITY BAKERY.

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Since 1996 Bike Works has worked to educate and empower youth to build sustainable communities by educating youth, promoting bicycling, and making bicycling accessible and affordable to the Seattle community. They offer youth and adult programs and include a non-profit community as well as a recycle program. Click HERE for more information about this company and how they are inspiring the community. 


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I'm sure you've heard that King County home prices are on the rise but how much, you say? This chart, courtesy of Seattle Times, shows exactly how high. 

In short, buyers have become more aggressive. Fearing higher interest rates, they are offering high prices with less terms in the face of a record low inventory of homes. For those buyers who come to us saying, "I don't want to get into a bidding war." In this market, that's like saying, "I want to play basketball and not bounce the ball." Good luck with that! 

The median price for single-family homes sold in King County has recovered the ground lost since the last peak in 2007. Source: Northwest Multiple Listing Service (Garland Potts / The Seattle Times)

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For all of you out there whose favorite meal is brunch, this one's just for you! And if you like choosing where to go purely on photos of a dish, none of these will disappoint!

Here are a few of my favorites:

Brimmer & Heeltap

Tarsan I Jane

No Bones Beach Club

Saint Helens Cafe


Super Six

Sisters and Brothers

 For the full list of 24 brunch restuarants by Seattle Eater.

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Before summer ends, don't forget to get out and enjoy some family time on Greenlake!!

  • Walk, run, bike, or skate the 3 mile loop
  • Toddlers can play in the mini lake
  • Grass area for picnics, games, or lounging in the sun
  • Docks for fishing and swimming
  • Sup Yoga (Yoga on a paddleboard!)
  • Rentals available: Paddleboards, canoes, 1 & 2 person kayaks, pedal boats, water bikes, row boats, and sailboats
  • Shop: Cafe, beach supplies, snacks, apparel
  • See what's happening on their web cam 24/7/365
  • Dogs allowed in park and water

For more information about Greenlake rentals and hours click photo!

 Photo by: Megan Green

 See New Homes in Greenwood & Ballard

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