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The lower Queen Anne area houses the Seattle Children's Theatre (SCT), located near Key Arena. The SCT is internationally recognized as a leading producer of professional theatre, educational programs, and new scripts for young audiences. 

The SCT kicks off the start to their 2016-2017 season with The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. It has become a well known favorite based off of the book written by C.S. Lewis. Parents and children familiar with the series, or discovering it for the first time, will love this dazzling musical which champions honesty, bravery, and goodness. Other showings through the month of April include: Stellaluna, Into The West, Seedfolks, and more!



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'Tis the season for swapping out sleeveless shirts for sweaters and summer decor for wreaths and pumpkins. As the seasons shift, there is an opportunity to declutter some things that may not have been used for awhile! 

Here are a few quick tips to declutter as you navigate in and out of storage areas:

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Known for it's sweeping views of the city skyline and Mount Rainier, Queen Anne's Kerry Park provides on of the best views in the Seattle area.

This sliver of a city park is a less than a mile walk away from the shops and restaurants of upper and lower Queen Anne. It's a fun spot at night providing uninterrupted views of the city lights and lit up ferries moving back and forth across the sound. Also, there's a terrific little play area for kiddos at Bayview-Kinnear Park - just below the viewpoint of Kerry Park. See a video here for a short clip of Kerry Park. 

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There used to be close to 30 individually and family owned and operated grocery stores on the busiest streets of Queen Anne in the early 1900's. These small family businesses opened along streets where Seattle’s electric streetcars ran. Some of these streets were paved; others were dirt or wood planked. 

It seems that the shopping was a little more user friendly back then! Customers would go to the counters with their orders, and the clerk would retrieve the items and bring them forward. Grocers knew their customers by name and often extended credit. 

The Great Depression accelerated the decline of the small neighborhood stores. Stores that had extended credit to their customers began to fall behind on payments owed to their food

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Most families want to make the purchase of their home and complete the transaction before the summer months, when the kids and family are on summer vacation. Parents are keenly aware that school registrations need to be dealt with -- and who wants to be loading a moving truck in the middle of August?

Fall is considered the next best time to list your home on the market– especially if it's a nice long Indian summer. Linked to the “back to school” mentality, with the leaves turning fabulous colors and nice cool crisp temperatures, you’ll have another good shot at selling a family home -- often to someone who’s already in your neighbourhood. That being said, be prepared to keep up that curbside appeal as the weather changes.

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According U.S News, there are a few reasons why home buying for millennials can be a great investment! Here are just some of them...

First, mortgage interest is deducted from your income tax, which lowers your tax burden to Uncle Sam. Also, homeowners usually don't have to pay a capital gains tax when they sell if the property value increases by less than $250,000 and if the home has been occupied as a primary residence for more than two years. 








Homeownership also has emotional benefits. Homeowners are more likely to be invested in the local community and develop interpersonal relationships which can create a more reliable support system than those who rent. In addition, it

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The SeattleGYM is known for it's sense of community and neighborhood appeal. The casual, friendly atmosphere and excellent facilities give you everything you need to gear up, work out, and wind down. Open since 1982 on Queen Anne Hill, they have inspired multiple generations to bring fitness home.

Queen Anne is heavily populated with yoga studios, small fitness centers, crossfit garages, and more. It is a noticeable active community! The SeattleGYM has a wide range of workout opportunities that focus on strength and conditioning, cardio, and mind and body. Take a look at their options here. The facility sits on a prime location directly on Queen Anne Ave. 

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Fall provides one of the best times of year to decorate and be festive! There are several easy ways to spruce up your home for the upcoming holiday season. Why not welcome your guests with a beautiful wreath? It can add color, texture, and a sense of celebration. Below, are some ideas of DIY wreaths that can instantly up your home's curb appeal. Enjoy!

Hydrangea Wreath HERE:

Stripe & Spiral HERE: 

Thanksgiving HERE:

Greenery HERE:

Willow HERE: 

Festive HERE:



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Hiring a Real Estate Broker can be interesting. Let me address these common complaints from consumers who have used a Broker. (To clarify, in Washington State, all Real Estate Agents have been titled as Brokers since 2010). 

1.) "I didn't hear from them very much."

2.) "I didn't understand what was going on." 

3.) "I don't feel like they negotiated for me."

4.)  "I lost on so many offers that I wondered if they knew what they were doing."

The first category has to do with communication. When hiring a Broker, ask about their policy on speed of communication. Also tell them what you expect. Do you prefer email, text, calls? Do you expect an answer the same business day? Also, before you even hire them, you can often tell how quickly they

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