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Edmonds is one of the most romantic places to come for those who enjoy a quiet and quaint place to roam with one of the most relaxing ways to spend quality time - being on the water. Not many people can afford, or want to take care of, a boat but here we have our tiny version of The Titanic to blow strong winds onto our faces with just a short ride to Kingston. One of the very easy, affordable, and fun excursions to take a date on is the ferry. 


Hop off on the other side for a freshly fried donut, sweet or savory crepe, or cup of chowder at the nearby restaurants and you can turn around to be back on the boat in a jiffy. It's also a great option for disabled folks because of the ramps available but I would recommend an powered wheelchair or

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There is only one off-leash dog park in Edmonds but be of good cheer! It's next to the Marina so one of the very best! 

Marina Off-Leash Park


  1. Edmonds City Park (southeast wooded area)
  2. Haines Wharf Park (paved walkways)
  3. Hickman Park (paved and wooded paths)
  4. Hutt Park (trails)
  5. Maplewood Park (trails)
    And for more, please visit  
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1. Keep your money where it is
It isn’t wise to make any huge purchases or move money around 3-6 months before buying a new home. Go shopping AFTER you close on your home.

2. Get pre-approved for your loan
Anybody can get pre-qualified for a loan but getting pre-approved means a lender has looked at all of your financial information and they’ve let you know how much you can afford and how much they will lend you. Save time, energy, and possible disappointment be being pre-approved!

3. Don’t try to time the market
The best time to buy is when you find your perfect house and you can afford it. Real Estate goes up and down daily, so trying to wait for the perfect time, will only mean you’ll miss out!

4. Avoid surprise costs
Most people just focus on

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Home Ready Mortgage is a Fannie Mae program that gives buyers a boost! Many renters don't buy because they are intimidated by the down payment but this may bring you some relief....







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Edmonds, WA is famous for its retirement community. Stroll down by the water and sit on a bench with a senior sometime or visit the Edmond Senior Center. Your life will be enriched when you find a friendly senior who can tell you the history of Edmonds and more. I've sat next to WWII vets in coffee shops and also heard tales of a senior who rode his horse up the dirt road to the chicken farms in Alderwood on what is now 196th street. 

We can support our seniors in many ways, first by valuing their history and wonderful stories but also by being aware of what wonderful resources are available to them in Edmonds that they may not have heard about. One of these is about memory loss. 

I'm no expert but I often hear that memory loss starts with short

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This is one of the best events in Edmonds! The art is not contained to pictures hanging on walls, regardless of how fabulous those options appear to be in many cases. The art comes from performers and musicians, jewelry makers and other crafters. Come feel the friendly Edmonds spirit on this favorite day of the month here in Edmonds and you may even see someone you know if you come often enough! The restaurants can get packed on this evening so if you have a favorite, plan ahead or make reservations if they take them. 

The founders of AWE - Art Walk Edmonds - Manya Vee and Jeff Stilwell, that now have on average of thirty Edmonds business participating after starting this superb idea in 2002. Source: 

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I see a look of near panic when some parents realize Brokers will be stopping by their home with one or two hours notice. It's one thing to keep up with the dishes, beds and laundry but it's another to keep up with the little ones if they've been doing what they are so good at - having fun and making messes in the process. 

Here are some ideas to keep you from graying younger than you had planned:

  • Put toys in toy boxes and let the kids pick a few favorites to keep handy so they feel comforted with all the changes going on.
  • Long and flat storage boxes are great for tucking things away under the bed.
  • Remove children’s artwork from refrigerators and walls but if they must have something, put it on the back of their bedroom door - most people
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We have lived in or near Edmonds since the 90's. Baby, it's come a long way! And here is one of the more recent reasons. 190 Sunset - the new and snazzy restaurant! Until Demetries and now this place, the waterfront area especially has left us a less than exciting feeling for options besides the old standbyes that often leave something to be desired besides their views of the marina.  

We stopped by this snazzier and newer restaurant within its first few weeks of opening. The owner greeted us, checked up on our opinions of the enormous steak Rachel ordered (her one weakness), and we watched as the staff really stayed on their toes! Not only was the service superb but the food was excellent with some great choices at non-ridiculous prices. 


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