January 2017

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We understand why this cafe has such high ratings! The owners have grown their cafe "from scratch" over the years to include many wonderful locations that are lucky enough to have them. And we all know Sammamish is not teaming with quality places to grab a good, hearty breakfast any time of the day. Their central bakery keeps all their restaurants brimming with fresh goods and they are also known for in-house soups made daily, fabulous prime rib roast and all those good things that remind us of home. 

Try this gem tucked away in the Sammamish Highlands by Eastlake High School! You won't be dissapointed. 


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Who doesn't love dogs? But they are even more loveable when they have the needed guidance to keep them where you need them and when. Dogs are probably happier too, when their humans are not yelling at them sometimes and other times not. They can get confused by inconsistent commands depending on their owners' whims. 

Amanda Brothers can save your canine-human relationship from getting frazzled. With tons of certifications and great testimonials, she looks like the perfect person to ask for some help! Although she mainly works on the eastside, she'd probably have some contacts of other trainers in your area as well. Visit her online: SIDEKICK DOG TRAINING!

SOURCE: http://www.sidekickdogtraining.com/meet_the_trainer

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The 500 acre Lake Sammamish has needed some help and the beach is too crowded. Thankfully a new $2.6 million bath house was added in 2016 and more plans are coming. Interestingly, REI may also join the fun to benefit the park and bring programs people would enjoy!

REI may relocate it's outdoor school to the park! What does that mean? The partnership may offer some of the following...

- Cycling and hiking
- Navigation
- Photography
- Paddle Sports
- Outdoor Stage 

But wait. There has been some publish backlash on the topic but we think it's a great idea! 

SOURCE: http://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/eastside/rei-has-big-dream-for-lake-sammamish-park/

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Life happens. We know there are many reasons people need to rent vs. own but here's the good news. We found a program that sets you up with a rental and puts you on the path to home ownership, if you so choose. We've provided some of the basic highlights below. 

CONTACT US TODAY about this amazing program that our clients have used! It never hurts to ask. 

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Details! Details! Want your belongings to be cherished as you do and get to where they need to go as planned?

It can be difficult to hire a mover not only for the fact they are not commonly so wonderful at the details but also because the close date for your property can be changed. Did you know that? Many buyers make hard and fast plans for a move date when in fact, you are at the mercy of a lending undewriter who will be checking on your file even on the day of close - unless you are lucky enough to be paying cash, of course!

The best way to help avoid such headaches is to 1.) hire a highly experienced loan officer who keeps your file timelines on track, 2.) do everything they need in a timely manner, 3.) don't screw up your credit as that can delay

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Baby boomers are crucial for what will happen to the housing market. They have been the mainstay of our country for some time now. They bring stability. Now many are needing or looking to retire, which means changes in housing wants and needs. 

Being that boomers over the age of 55 make up a quarter of the American population, as of 2016, they will be a crucial tipping point for what is to come. With fewer folks in the age groups behind them, they may face less people to care for them as well as less services.

Interestingly enough, according to the National Association of Realtors, boomers tend to be staying put. They may need to downsize but prefer not to. They are also tending to retire far later or even take on jobs after retirement. Some say

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