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If there is anything in the home buying process that can rain on your parade, it's the financing. However, the confusion about what takes place on this side of the process is unecessary if you are well prepared. This article by Rhonda Porter is well worth the read so we have brought it to you here, straight out of the horses mouth. It's important that you hear directly from the lender about this process as your real estate agent is just that - an agent and not a mortgage specialist. Neither is the mortgage broker or lender to advise you on real estate. We are here to point you to the professionals with the answers. 



The process of getting a mortgage consists of several stages and typically

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We understand it's not every day you sell your home. There is a lot attached to this experience: your past and future, loved ones, budget, and many more concerns. We simplify this process for you. 


We have taken 180 steps of the process and broken them down into three main categories we will cover with you in our highly popular seller's guide! The guide serves as an outline that one of our well trained brokers personally walks you through.

These are just some of the highlights. 

- Who is working for me on this process and what are the costs?  
- How do I manage the transition from this place to my next one?
- What are the essentials in prepping my home for the best

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Celebrating 77 years of Derby Days!

Redmond Derby Days is a summer festival, rooted in the spirit of competition that celebrates the uniqueness of Redmond through parades, races, contests, game booths, carnival rides, arts, music, food and much more! It all started in 1940 as a bike derby and parade for the community to raise money for holiday decorations and athletic equipment. Today, Derby Days celebrates Redmond's diverse community and offers all ages a chance to participate in a fun summer festival setting.  Ready, set, go!

  • When:  July 7 & 8, 2017
  • Where:  Redmond City Hall, 15670 Northeast 85th Street, Redmond, WA 98052
  • Contact:  425-556-2300

SOURCE:  Derby Days #TeamRedmond

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The home buying quest can be as exciting and challenging as visiting a foreign country for the first time! Getting your visa or passport ahead of time, understanding the travel schedules, the new language - these take time and thought as much as getting your financing in order, understanding the steps and timelines plus all the new concepts a home buyer learns. You can confidently take charge of this adventure with the process we put in place for you!

OUR GOAL IS TO SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY IN EACH STEP! We have taken 180 steps of the process and broken them down into three main categories we will cover with you in our highly popular buyer's guide that serves as an outline that only one of our well trained brokers can walk you through. These are just

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The Edmonds School District is dedicated to educational and personal growth and this doesn't just mean for the kids - it includes families and our community.  The district is affilicated with the Foundation for Edmonds School District who has genersouly provided $82,000 in college scholarships to graduates as well as over 220 computers to families.  

Find all you will need here:  Edmonds School District Site

Stay connected socially: Edmonds School District Facebook

Find ways to give: Foundation for Edmonds School District

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Do you want to know how the schools in Edmonds rate compared to the state averages?  Here are two reliable sources that will help you compare schools - simply enter the name of the school or district in their search field. These results are based on a variety of things such as test scores and other available data including academic growth and college readiness.

School Digger: Edmonds School District

Great! Schools: Edmonds School District

Many of our home buyers are concerned about the ratings of schools as much as they are the neighborhood and home itself. You just let us know which schools you want to stay in and we'll make it happen!

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Buying a home can be very exciting! The shopping, dreaming, and plans of entertaining all sound very romantic. The reality of home buying that keeps you planted on firm ground and making your dream a reality comes through hiring the best lender possible. We find many home buyers, new and old, have many assumptions about what it takes to afford a home but need the guidance of a local expert. 

These are local lenders we trust to handle our client's needs and that we reccomend to get you started!

David Haley - Fairway Independent Mortgage, Mountlake Terrace, WA
In working for an award winning company, David Haley has greatly helped many of our clients refinance or purchase a home. His education, dedication, and drive is top notch. And no matter how

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  If you are in need of home repairs, the following links are some of the best places to find reliable help because of public ratings.    Angie's List
Verified reviews and ratings for companies available to help you complete your project with an easy local search option. Home, yard, auto and health categories are included in this free service. Simply create a login to begin the process. Angie's list is national so if you are moving out of state, this will be very helpful.
This is a Seattle based start up company that lets you search by your zip code to find highly rated help for many of your home related needs ranging from interior design to plumbing, contractors to pest control specialists. You specify your needs and they will…
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  Here are your sources for the what's-what and who's-who here in Edmonds! Get up-to-date local news, sports, opinions, calendar events or you can even check out the weather.   My Edmonds News 
"An online gathering place for neighbors and friends", this independently owned and operated web-news site has freelance photographers and writers who live in Edmonds. Sign up for daily delivery of My Edmonds News to your inbox. 
The Edmonds Beacon This Edmonds news source has a free printed version you will find around the stores and shops in Edmonds as well as an online presence. The printed news is distributed to over 220 local places in Edmonds.    Edmonds WA Home Resources and Rentals This Facebook page is a great one to join for…
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Here are some great links to check out so you can make plans to enjoy Edmonds!   Edmonds Chamber of Commerce:  Events Calendar Edmonds Driftwood Theater: Calendar of Plays Edmonds Center for the Arts:  ECA Calendar Edmonds Noon Rotary:  Waterfront Festival Edmonds Craze Magazine: Program Guide City of Edmonds: Arts & Culture Calendar Visit Edmonds: Events Calendar Edmonds City Council: Meetings Edmonds Arts Festival:  Events  
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