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If you are unsure about how much you can afford, start with this advice from Time Magazine: your target home should cost no more than 2.5 times your gross annual salary. For a $100,000 salary, that’s a $250,000 home. The amount you can borrow is limited by the so-called 28/36 rule: Housing costs should total no more than 28% of your gross monthly income, and all debt no more than 36%. The rate you’ll pay will vary based on your down payment and credit score. A down payment of 20% or more gets you the best rate (and you won't need mortgage insurance). 

Keep in mind that just because a lender says you can afford a certain mortgage doesn’t mean you should. Consider your take-home pay—what actually goes into the bank after taxes, health insurance,

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Looking for something fun and active to do before Thanksgiving? Join in on the fun at Seattle's premier Thanksgiving themed running and walking event: The Green Lake Gobble & Mashed Potato Munch Off! Taking place at Green Lake Park on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, the event consists of a 10K run/walk, a 5K run/walk, a free kids dash and a post-race celebration that includes the crowd pleasing Mashed Potato Munch Off competitive eating contest and an onsite beer garden.

The event supports Seattle's Union Gospel Mission through a cash donation as well as the well-needed onsite canned food drive.

Click here for more info.
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Buying a home is so grown-up and impressive, but there are a few things you should think about before you start telling everyone how grown up and impressive you are. Watch this comical video starring Hollywood actress Elizabeth Banks to learn a few tips. 

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Since Magnolia is almost an island, early settlement prior to 1930 was difficult due to hills, tide flats, and marsh separating Magnolia from the rest of Seattle. Wooden trestles helped early settlers, and the Magnolia Bridge was built in 1930, creating better access. By the late 1940's (after World War II), a building boom began in Magnolia. Small WWII ramblers, many built in tracts by Modern Home Builders, began to spring up. The area continued to see growth through the 1950's, when Magnolia Boulevard was completed. 

Homes bought in the 2000s for under $500,000 have now been torn down to make room for larger, newly built homes. These new homes sell for over $1,500,000, and are 2,000+ square foot larger. 

For the first time, city allowances for

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Farmer's markets are a great way to bump into the locals and feel out the vibe of a community. Plus, you can bite into a tart cherry picked off the tree just days ago. Try samples of fresh, local peaches. Find a new cheese flavor to pair with your new favorite wine. Savor a warm crepe or buttery croissant. You can do things like this and so much more at the Magnolia Farmers Market. They offers a delicous cornucopia of fresh, in-season, local farm produce and foods. Various vendors also offer ready-to-eat lunch, brunch or snacks. Click here for more information.

Magnolia is the second largest neighborhood of Seattle by area and has been part of the city since 1891.  Magnolia is isolated from the rest of Seattle and is connected

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Five Star Agent winners represent the top 4% of agents in the area for best in customer service. Our founders, Peter Badgett and Rachel Badgett, have each won multiple Five Star Agent awards. They train their team to reflect the same customer service because they believe real estate is about people first.

Each year an independent research company performs rigorous work to determine the top performers in various fields, one of which includes Real Estate, for Seattle Magazine.  Homeowners are contacted to provide surveys of local agents based upon ten criteria and then further research is started on each agent. These are the standards the Five Star Agents must pass along with turning in their reports of sales for the year in order to verify their

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If you know what buyers are looking for, upgrades to your home can significantly increase its value. According to Consumer Reports, millennials have become the leading cohort of buyers, purchasing 32 percent of homes in 2014. 

A modern and updated kitchen is one of the most important features that home buyers are looking for. Consider switching out dated appliances for stainless steel and installing high quality countertops such as Quartz. Open floor plans and flexible living spaces are the second most important factor when buyers look for a new home, so consider optimizing open space when remodeling. Having a finished basement or mother-in-law apartment will also attract homebuyers. 

Although full remodels will lead to the greatest increase in

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Amazon is growing at an exponential rate. Thanks to Amazon, Seattle is now the largest company town in America, according to an article published in The Seattle Times. Amazon occupies more office space than the next 40 largest employers in the city combined, with approximately 8.1 million square feet in Seattle. This number is expected to continue soaring to more than 12 million square feet within five years, according to The Seattle Times. 

Amazon’s rapid growth has lead to higher wages, lower unemployment, and increased retail sales in Seattle. However, in contrast, the rapid growth has lead to sky-high housing prices. Apartment rents are now 63 percent higher than in 2010, and home values are rising faster in Seattle than anywhere in the nation.

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Get to know the neighborhood of Magnolia in an artistic and entertaining way with the locals! Join dozens of artists and spectators at Serendipity Lounge sharing songs, drinks, and dinner. Mics and amps are provided - you just need to sign up to join in the tradition! Click here for more info.

The Magnolia neighborhood in Seattle, WA is known for affluence, a place to be near the city while feeling you can get away, and an idyllic setting with amazing views as it jets out toward the Puget Sound. To learn more about the housing here, contact our office or search using our user friendly search below! 

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