84-Year-Old Lady Refused a Million Dollars, Forced Shopping Mall to Build Around Her House!

Posted by Rachel Badgett on Wednesday, April 24th, 2019 at 11:48am.


Few people in this world know resolution like the late Edith Macfield. She owned a house on 1438 NW 46th St., Seattle, Washington. It became famous when she refused $1,000,000 for it from a developer who later conceded defeat by constructed a mall around the home. The house still stands on a plot of land, tucked in the side of the mall.

Edith died in 2008, but her legacy still stands. She had left the home to Barry Martin, a construction chief who had become her friend and helped her in her final days. He had originally intended to turn it into a memorial, and began renovating it, but the project got cut short. At this time, an anonymous seller is attempting to auction off the home. No one wanted to incur the $300,000 in liens, so the original auction effort was a bust. However, the liens have now been dropped.

Regardless of what happens to the house next, it has been forever memorialized in the Pixar movie, “UP.” Bravo, Edith Macfield!

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