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The cutthroat Seafair Pirates crew has made a deal with their new Captain Kidd and they are comin’ to collect the bounty they left behind last year! Avast, the Seattle Seafair Pirates, will sail in from the seven seas and the scallywags be stormin’ Alki Beach in West Seattle to kick off the 69th Seafair on Saturday July 7, 2018. Don’t be gettin’ in their way!  More Information on the Seafair Pirates Landing

About Alki:

Alki Beach is located about 15 minutes west of Downtown Seattle, and offers a great view of the city, the Space Needle and Mount Rainier. Summer is populated by beach volleyball players, sun worshipers, and beachcombers. The quiet of winter gives way to views of the snowcapped Olympic Mountain range.

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Seattleites love getting out on the water and we found another fun way for you to get out there! Mirage Eclipse by Hobie is the world’s first leg-powered stand up board. Check out the full promo HERE or visit Hobie Cats Northwest in Seattle.

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I'm sure you've heard that King County home prices are on the rise but how much, you say? This chart, courtesy of Seattle Times, shows exactly how high. 

In short, buyers have become more aggressive. Fearing higher interest rates, they are offering high prices with less terms in the face of a record low inventory of homes. For those buyers who come to us saying, "I don't want to get into a bidding war." In this market, that's like saying, "I want to play basketball and not bounce the ball." Good luck with that! 

The median price for single-family homes sold in King County has recovered the ground lost since the last peak in 2007. Source: Northwest Multiple Listing Service (Garland Potts / The Seattle Times)

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I am happy to hear this news for our buyers who get detained in FICO credit jail - barred from buying because of this issue. This just in from David Haley of Mortgage Today:
Fair Isaac announced it is changing how credit scores are calculated. It will stop including any record of a consumer failing to pay a bill if it has been paid or settled with a collection agency, and adding less weight to unpaid medical bills that are in collection.

David goes on to explain...WHAT IS FICO?
- The FICO score is the most popular credit score model in the country. It's a statistical calculation based on the information in your credit profile.
- FICO reports several types of scores. Each is tailored for a different purpose, such as a credit card, personal, installment, auto

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Has anyone else noticed that thing called the sun in the sky, recently? I have - and I’m taking it as a sure sign of summer! One of my favorite things to do during the summer is to wander down to a local farmers market, sample the juicy raspberries and find a beautiful flower bouquet for my kitchen table.

We’ve compiled a list of local farmers markets, so you can enjoy the experience as well!

West Seattle Farmers Market
Sundays, 10am to 2pm, year-round
44th Ave SW & SW Alaska St, Seattle, WA 98116

Ballard Farmers Market
Sunday, 10am to 3pm, year-round
Historic Ballard Ave

Beacon Hill
Proposed, but no existing Farmers Market

Capitol Hill
Capitol Hill Farmers Market
Sundays, 11am to 3pm, year-round
Broadway Ave E and E Pine Street

Central District

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