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Rachel has either owned or managed Real Estate teams in the Greater Seattle area since 2006. Drawing from her background in education and counseling, she enjoys organizing difficult concepts so people can feel more at ease with the transition that real estate brings. She lives in the Seattle area with her husband Peter and loves studying her industry as well as walking Greenlake and hanging out at local business clubs. She has owned many homes of her own - remodeling each for improved value - and helped hundreds of people with their homes sales and purchases as well.

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One of the main gripes that people have with real estate agents is their commission. Many homeowners (mistakenly) think, “Why should I pay a real estate agent to do something I’m perfectly capable of doing myself?”

The reason people avoid working with agents is because they think it’s going to cost them money. But in reality, working with a qualified real estate agent is worth far more than what you’ll pay in commission. In fact, working with a real estate agent can actually make the process of selling your home less stressful, less time consuming, and less expensive.

Here are three ways real estate agents more than earn their commission — and can actually save you money — during your home sale:

1. They know the right people

As the old real

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According to new research from lender Freddie Mac, every generation—from Millennials to Gen Xers to Baby Boomers—are continuing to rent because they think it's saving them money. According to the report, 76% of Millennials, 75% of Gen Xers, and 81% of Baby Boomers said renting was the more affordable option. But with rents rising across the country, that's just no longer the case. According to the most recent Market Outlook Report from, rents rose year over year in nearly ¾ (73%) of counties across the United States. And according to Trulia, it is now more affordable to own a home than to rent in a whopping 98% of the largest metro markets in the US.

The Takeaway

The misconception that renting is more affordable than homeownership

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We are very excited about this program - you'd be surprised who can qualify! A lender sent us this helpful information on January 8, 2019. Check it out!


The program is free. It requires the client take a one day class through the WSHFC to be eligible. But first contact us for a free consultation we'll arrange with a qualified lender who can give you some quick tips!  

A credit score of 620 or above is required and ratios must be under 50% DTI. Have no clue what that means? Ross Palmer of CrossCountry Mortgage, who provided the info on this page, can easily explain this to you. Contact us to set up a meeting!

The Down Payment Assistance programs vary for

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Knowing the market will keep you ahead of the game, if you are only just thinking of selling or buying. We meet with people months in advance to talk about their plans. Here are some key updates we are currently seeing:

1. SELLERS BE PREPARED. The Seattle area market took a turn last summer. It has remained pretty stable after the turn. Winter often has a lull so that is expected. The spring will be very telling about where the market will land after it's shift. But overall, we have experienced more price drops in recent months than we have had in many years! Sellers, don't be surprised if you don't get your original asking price or expect to sit much longer on the market at your list price. We show you the statistics based on your neighborhood so you

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Wintertime is one of the best times to get organized in the home and keep you moving on those dreary days when you're tempted to just sit! We found some great articles for dealing with your garage, prepping to move, and just getting organized...including a storage unit because most people have to contend with those. Many people move in the spring but that is not the time to get ready. Winter is the time to get ready for your spring move! You will alleviate so much stress if you chip away at this all through the winter months. 



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Come wander aisles and aisles of collectible books, maps, manuscripTs, prints, photographs, autographs, postcards, posters, fine bindings, broadsides, and ephemera at this rare book sale. Dealers from England, Canada, the US, and more will be offering them for sale and you can meet with specialists from all corners of the world!  The 2018 Seattle Antiquarian Book Fair is in loving memory of Louis Collins, the beloved Seattle book dealer, who died of a heart attack on January 2nd, 2018.  He was the longtime proprietor of Louis Collins Books on Capitol Hill. More Info

The center of Seattle is home to everything from glassy skyscrapers to historic brick buildings, modern boutiques to flagship department stores, and some of the

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How do the schools in Redmond rate against other Washington schools? Check out these sources that many homebuyers like to view before deciding on a home. Whether or not you have kids in school, the school ratings affect the home values of an area. The better the schools, the higher the demand. The higher the demand, the better the home prices. 

School Digger: School Digger

Great Schools: Great Schools

Located 20 miles east of downtown Seattle, Redmond is the 16th most populated city in Washington state. The city prides itself in its high quality of life with good schools, a healthy economic base, a parks system that provides a variety of active and passive recreational opportunities, diverse offerings for

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Marymoor park in Redmond is King County's most popular park.  It hosts concerts, outdoor movies, and even Cirque du Soleil!  It's also home to a 40 acre off leash area for dogs, several picnic shelters, a climbing wall, and Washington's only Velodrome!  With such diverse offerings, and 640 acres, Marymoor park has something for everyone! More Info

Located 20 miles east of downtown Seattle, Redmond is the 16th most populated city in Washington state. The city prides itself in its high quality of life with good schools, a healthy economic base, a parks system that provides a variety of active and passive recreational opportunities, diverse offerings for shopping and dining, safe neighborhoods, and an

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All aboard!  Board the Halloween train in Snoqualmie or North Bend and enjoy spooky Halloween stories at the Train Shed Exhibit Building during train stops, old fashioned cider pressing, and celebrate fall and Halloween! For all ages. More Info

Known for the stunning Snoqualmie Falls, Snoqualmie is brimming with culture, history, outdoor recreation, and is officially recognized as "Home of the Boeing Classic".  The popular TV series "Twin Peaks" and the movie "Fire Walk with Me" were both filmed in Snoqualmie.  Mount Si High School in Snoqualmie is highly rated.  Snoqualmie is a unique city that is great for visiting or making a home!

Search Snoqualmie Homes

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