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Local mortgage loan officer David Haley salutes the men and women of our Armed Forces, and is proud to help them buy homes with a VA loan. If you are an active or veteran member of the US military or reserve forces, you may qualify for these valuable loan programs that are exclusively available to military veterans.

There are three general ways to qualify for VA loans. The first is active duty military service of at least 181 days or three months during periods of war. The second is a minimum of six years spent in either the reserve forces or the National Guard. The third is to be the spouse of a military man or woman who was killed in the line of duty. There are a few exceptions to these qualifications, dishonorable discharges being chief among

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If there is anything in the home buying process that can rain on your parade, it's the financing. However, the confusion about what takes place on this side of the process is unecessary if you are well prepared. This article by Rhonda Porter is well worth the read so we have brought it to you here, straight out of the horses mouth. It's important that you hear directly from the lender about this process as your real estate agent is just that - an agent and not a mortgage specialist. Neither is the mortgage broker or lender to advise you on real estate. We are here to point you to the professionals with the answers. 



The process of getting a mortgage consists of several stages and typically

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Buying a home can be very exciting! The shopping, dreaming, and plans of entertaining all sound very romantic. The reality of home buying that keeps you planted on firm ground and making your dream a reality comes through hiring the best lender possible. We find many home buyers, new and old, have many assumptions about what it takes to afford a home but need the guidance of a local expert. 

These are local lenders we trust to handle our client's needs and that we reccomend to get you started!

David Haley - Fairway Independent Mortgage, Mountlake Terrace, WA
In working for an award winning company, David Haley has greatly helped many of our clients refinance or purchase a home. His education, dedication, and drive is top notch. And no matter how

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Life happens. We know there are many reasons people need to rent vs. own but here's the good news. We found a program that sets you up with a rental and puts you on the path to home ownership, if you so choose. We've provided some of the basic highlights below. 

CONTACT US TODAY about this amazing program that our clients have used! It never hurts to ask. 

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