Daniel Hysa

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I am proud to be a part of the Washington Albanian community. The transition in 2010 to America where my family cared deeply for each other’s needs and my later schooling in business helped me discover my passion for real estate since it’s about home, people, and being a part of a community. My work at Nordstrom, a company that excels in customer service, also filled in many more areas that complement my care for my clients as well as discerning their sense of style – something very important in searching for the perfect home. Lastly, my determination to win whether in soccer or in negotiations gives me a cutting edge so my clients know I am on their side. Moving is a big transition for most people and I understand what it means to build a new life from scratch.

For fun I like to hike, enjoy meals with my big family, play sports, be outdoors, try different restaurants, and celebrate with my friends.

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