"There are not enough words in my vocabulary to express the appreciation we have for Milaina and her dedication to our family." - Chanel White / April 2020

"Started looking for buying a home just by myself and it was time consuming, inefficient, and distracting. I was introduced to Milaina. Trust builds over time and I am writing this review after completing the purchase of a home which Milaina helped us find within the budget. Looking for a property is not easy. Market is competitive and what you like will be gone before you can put an offer. A lot of fine research goes in each property, and doing so in limited time comes from experience. Milaina has all this experience. For each property I liked at first sight, Milaina did all the research, and had the answers to all our questions. After we put an offer, it was accepted by the seller, and during the inspection time Milaina personally supervised the home inspection, price negotiation, and estimate of possible expenses for any preventive maintenance. I liked the transparency in work, frequent communication, itemized estimates of maintenance, and contacts of home maintenance services for future reference who can do the quality work within budget. I was also introduced to an excellent loan officer which is hard to identify yourself. I realize the value of all the help and the references only after completing the home purchase. If I buy another property in the future, I trust Milaina to be my agent." - M.J. / January 2020

"Milaina is absolutely the best in the biz for all of Seattle. She did such a stellar just negotiating and succeeding on all of my needs. She worked around the clock to make my job as a buyer so ridiculously enjoyable. On top of all that, she's as keen as it comes to knowing what is the right investment opportunity for the specific person she is working with. Whether you're a family buying your first house or a real estate mogul she will find the perfect opportunity that fits you. Thanks Milaina!!" - Jay F. / February 2020 

"Simply the best. Milaina was responsive to all emails and texts even when she was out of town!! Her ability to negotiate told me she had my interest at heart and not just her commission. I would definitely recommend her to any prospective home buyer." - Vernal Richards / October 2019 

"Milaina has a deep understanding of the competitive Seattle real estate market, and is truly passionate about her work. She makes an effort to educate her buyers around every aspect of the purchase process, asks the right questions, and always fights for what is best for her clients. Milaina is proactive, very responsive, and goes above-and-beyond to ensure that the home search is effortless for the buyer. Highly recommended."  - Konrad Borkowski / October 2019

"Working with Milaina has been such a great experience. Milaina provided us with all the information and guidance we needed to purchase our home. Milaina walked us through every step and encouraged us to ask questions and share any concerns. Milania answered all our questions and provided important feedback to ensure we educated ourselves on the process. I highly recommend Milaina to anyone who is interested in purchasing a home, thinking about purchasing a home or may just have questions about how to start the process. You will get your dream home if you have Milaina on your team!" - Erica Zapata / September 2019

"Milaina really dialed in on exactly what I was looking for and found a condo I would not have even looked at that was perfect for me. She worked long and hard for me, despite my very limited budget, like I was shopping for a place in the millions. She followed up on every question I asked and always took my calls. She really works hard for her clients." - Cincy Arbogast / September 2019

"Milaina was wonderful to work with. She masterfully maneuvered through all the details of purchasing from start to finish. She is full of knowledge and does her best to make sure everything goes smoothly and navigate issues even before they arise. She knows the communities well and can give you a wealth of information of great places to shop or eat in whatever community you are exploring." - The Gatherums / September 2019

"We really enjoyed working with Milaina. She was very responsive, always available for us, doing all the follow up very fast, always mindful to our requests, and pushing to get what we wanted." - Ella Git / August 2019

“Milaina is a very professional, outgoing, compassionate realtor who goes above and beyond to help her clients find the best quality property in a very complex market like Seattle.  Thanks Milaina for being a wonderful woman helping people with critical deadlines and diverse property needs.  Kudos to you and your incredible house hunting knowledge!” Angela / June 2019

“Milaina has been awesome!  As a first time home buyer, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Milaina was so helpful with providing information, education, and fighting to get us a better deal with any opportunities she was given.  She’s been quick to answer any call and finds answers almost immediately if she doesn’t have the info at hand.  Gotta say, I was impressed, and am very grateful we had someone as excited as us to home shop with and who provided great personal advice along the way. Thanks Milaina!” Gerard Whalman / June 2019

"Our trip to Seattle was very pleasant. Milaina was such a pleasure to work with. Milaina showed us various locations and we were able to find our apartment because of her. We told Milaina what is most important which is a location with great schools and a family friendly environment. Milaina nailed it to say the least. Milaina’s laid back demeanor made this experience a positive one especially since this is such a big transition for our family. Milaina knew exactly what to ask the property owners and provided us with helpful information." Andres Zapata / June 2019

"Milaina was amazing! Extremely knowledgeable and patient working with us to find a home to rent as we were coming from out of state. She was extremely knowledgeable about the areas, school districts, commute times into Seattle, pros and cons of properties and let us know what to watch out for. She helped negotiate on our behalf with the landlord of the house we are now renting and we got a great deal. Looking forward to working with her again when we buy a house. Highly recommended!" Brian Patrick Byrne / May 2019

"It was great working with you. Thanks for helping us find a place to live." Micah Colvin / March 2019

"I just wanted to take the time to tell you how Amazing Milaina was. She did so much hard work for my family and I. She was always polite, generous with her time, and super energetic. I could not have had a better experience. She is a bar raiser someone everyone should aspire to be like. We were nightmare renters and she was the very best to us. I would recommend her to anyone." Justin Lowdermilk / March 2019

"I would definitely recommend Milaina as your realtor. She listened to what we were needing (location, specifics, price) and helped us find our home. She is a go-getter and will not stop until the process is complete. She is professional and personable and strives to make us happy. She goes above and beyond even on things that she doesn’t have to do. Like contacting the moving company to negotiate an earlier delivery. I highly recommend her!" LeMaster / March 2019